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Edilsystem srl, 30 years of history.

Edilsystem srl is a company specialized in experimentation, application of special materials and innovative technologies in the building sector.  Focused on renovation and consolidation of historical, artistic and monumental heritage and civil and industrial buildings, during its 30 years of experience Edilsystem has been always distinguished by the use of innovative techniques.

The corporate mission can be summarized in a few words: “Creating value through research and innovation”.

In fact, offering cutting-edge services and a very high operational capacity oriented towards client satisfaction are the strong points.

Experience, constant research and training activities, customer care and passion for work allowed Edilsystem to become highly specialized and consolidate its leadership among Italian companies in the field of structural consolidation and waterproofing.

In line with its mission, Edilsystem offers  highly qualified technical staff with more than 1000 interventions behind; alongside, also a tight-knit team of professionals in charge of managing reinforcement and consolidation works and always being able to provide the optimal solution in the protection of civil, industrial and historical buildings , seismic adjustment, structural reinforcement and consolidation (either in foundation or elevation), as well as waterproofing and heat insulation works .

In order to perform reliable and safe works, the feasibility of a project is highlighted with clarity and is accompanied by a deep study of real conditions of the property as well as the requirements of the consignee.

Edilsystem, in its continuous search for the best result, collaborates with renowned Italian Universities and leading local engineers; this allowed the company to carry out a new foundation consolidation system, registered and patented with the trade mark “Minipalo Geo-System®”.

The “Minipalo Geo-System®” is innovative as combine polyurethane resins or expansive cements with bars in self-drilling hollow steel, of reduced diameter and high resistance; this allows reaching the deeper layers of the soil, with small size machinery.

Guiding work principles

  • A company’s success depends on the motivation of its employees. Staff training is vital to reach future goals competently. Edilsystem exploits the individual potential to achieve common goals.

    The key to company success lies on professionality, integrity, openness, critical awareness, environmental conscience, innovative capacity and dedication of the staff.

  • A profitable cooperation with customers has been a constant aim for the last thirty years of activity. Customer‘s satisfaction and good relationship are key factors for success in the marketplace; therefore Edilsystems seeks to understand the needs and strives to obtain the maximum benefit for both parts.
  • Another basic component of the corporate philosophy is the continuous growth in terms of experience, capacity and competence based not only in the use of innovative materials and advanced technology but also in a constant research of the most suitable solution and intervention.
  • A crucial issue for Edilsytem is the prevention and reduction of work accidents, in this regard promotes continuing training of safety at work for the whole staff (in addition to the accordance with the Legislative Decree 81/2008 s.m.i).
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