Securing a structure – Cesano Romano (RM)

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Securing a structure – Cesano Romano (RM)

Type of intervention

Securing and structural consolidation of an unsafe building with carbon fiber fabrics; chaining with Dywidag rods and elimination of sole subsidence with Geo-System® micro piles and larger diameter piles


Roma Town Hall –Old town


Eng. Riccardo Venturini

Construction Manager

Eng. Riccardo Venturini

Building in needs of being secured after wall damages due to ground motion nearby. The yielding is caused by the collapse of a cave adjacent  to the base of the building

During the initial site survey at 65/69 Via Borgo di Sotto – Cesare Romano (Roma), it was observed that the building was subjected to evident sagging floor; this caused extensive damage on the bearing structures of the building, to the point as making the structure close to collapse.

Vista dello stato di fatto delle lesioni

View of the state of the damage

View of the state of the damage on the walls

View of the state of the damage on the walls

View of the state of the landslide

View of the state of the landslide

The intervention

After a delicate and accurate analysis of the state of degradation of the building, it was decided to intervene in different work stages to make the building again practicable.

The bandage and circulation of the building with C-FRP was immediately carried out, anticipating this stage to the “filling” of the cave.

This inspection was carried out inside the buildings, particularly in the basement foundations, to evaluate the structural condition of the building itself. Adjacent the subsidence area there was a barrel vault pushing in the direction of failure.  It became necessary to integrate the bandages provided for in the project so as to contain the angle and the horizontal thrust.  In parallel, it was necessary to establish a provisional shoring of the vault to reduce the pressure on the corner that gave way.

The primary goal of this operation is to guarantee the security of the structure through urgent provisional or definite works. This was a first preparatory step before the subsequent stages of functional recovery and static building consolidation as:  saturation of the cave at the bottom with self-levelling concrete or the execution of a micro-pile bulkhead downstream. However, filling the cave at the top was performed with polyurethane resin injections and the consolidation of the embankment was completed with nails through the use of “Minipali Geo-system®”, always injected with polyurethane resin.

Work stages

Removal of the plaster in the carbon fiber application areas

Preparation of the support for the application of fibers with fiber-reinforced mortar

Bandage building with carbon fiber fabric in double layer anchored to the masonry by means of cfrp connectors.

blog_nomentana_19Attachment of metal fittings in Dywidag d.26 to the building at intersections of the crossing of the bands in cfrp, anchored to walls using iron plates.

Filling of the lower parts of the cave with self-leveling concrete.

Performing a cave downstream bulkhead with piles of large diameter.


Execution of nails at the foot of the building with “Minipali Geo-System®”, injected with polyurethane resins.


View of the building after providing secure


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