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Thermal insulation, polyurethane spray for waterproofing and filling of cavities (bulges ships).

Edilsystem, in its constant research of products and cutting edge technologies for the construction industry and based on extensive studies and experiments, has developed Isolsystem, a new waterproofing and thermal-acoustic insulating system, consisting on the application of polyurethane sprayed on site.

Its modern business organization, the high technical capacity of our skilled workers and the high technological level of the installation, allows fast operation, without interacting with other working activities.

Polyurethane is an innovative material and it has been part of man’s daily life for the last 60 years because of its various and multiple uses (refrigerators, mattresses, sport equipments, toys, medical and sanitary articles and auto industry).

The high thermal stability allows obtaining high levels of thermal insulation, with significantly reduced thickness compared to other insulating materials.

Polyurethane is physiologically inert, insoluble and not metabolizing; in normal conditions it does not emit toxic vapors or fumes. In fact, it has been demonstrated with experimental tests that the composition of the combustion gases is not so different from that of the gases developed from natural products (as wood and paper). It can be disposed of in any authorized public landfill since it is classified as special urban solid waste.

Advantages of our system

  • Quick execution performed by specialized teams with complete autonomy.
  • excellent resistance to compression and tensile strength
  • unalterable over time and resistant to mold and microorganisms
  • acid and solvent-resistant, resistant to hydrocarbons
  • non-toxic and not carcinogenic (either before or during its life cycle)
  • waterproof and breathable at the same time, thanks to its particular cellular structure that lets the air molecules passing but not water
  • eliminates condensation
  • the product adheres to almost all surfaces and eliminates thermal bridging if applied by spray
  • excellent adherence to any kind of materials (iron, concrete, fiber cement, bricks, wood, bitumen, glass, etc.)

Application fields


Covering of inclined surfaces

We get an excellent thermal insulation by applying directly ISOLSYSTEM on surfaces. When it is applied on pitched roofs, it waterproofs and insulates thermally, permitting the assembling of roof tiles with cement mortar.


Retaining walls

The application of ISOLSYSTEM by spray on retaining walls is acting as waterproof and thermal insulation at the same time.


Pavement sub-grade

Thermal insulation with ISOLSYSTEM foam resin after all services (electric, thermal and hydraulic) are settled.


External perimeter and dividing walls

Our resin ISOLSYSTEM is applied by spray directly on the inner surface of the outer brick walls, to obtain thermal and acoustic insulation, before constructing the second wall.
We can also fill cavities by pouring ISOLSYSTEM resin through a rack (holes space- 60/70cm)


Asbestos covering

ISOLSYSTEM is used for refurbishing, waterproofing, insulating and consolidating, which improves walkability and mechanical strength of the floor blocks. No toxic wastes are produced and floor blocks do not need washing.

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Filling of cavities (ship bulges)

Apart from applications in masonry, ISOLSYSTEM can be also used in the filling of large cavities, bulges and ships water tanks, because it lasts overtime and is waterproof due to its special cell structure.

Comparison tables and technical


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