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Dehumidification – Masonry restoration – Capillary moisture rise


Humidity is very often an underestimated phenomena in its complexity and is normally faced with partial and not definitive interventions.

The application of a dehumidifying plaster corrects only surface degradation phenomena, but does not prevent moisture from being transferred into environment, which causes visible damage to the health of the living spaces as well as disorders of energy balance.

To deal with this problems Edilsystem Srl has developed the innovative system “Wall-System”, a definite solution that consist in making a chemical barrier with a specific formula, sustained by a dehumidifying plaster which deals with draining the humidity accumulated over the time inside the walls.

The chemical barrier is created by the impregnation of a horizontal section at the base of masonry with a special product introduced in holes done in the wall through small perforated tubes connected to bottles. This way a waterproof screen is created and the vapor pressures cannot go up.


The dehumidifying plaster is macroporous pre-mixed product which is applied 2/4 cm thick and after removing damaged plaster; these plasters allow the dampness inside the wall to evaporate outside.

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