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Dehumidification - Reconstruction of walls - Capillary humidity rise

Humidity is a phenomenon often underestimated in its complexity and dealt with partial interventions, mostly non-resolutive. The only application of a dehumidifying plaster corrects only the phenomenon of superficial degradation by continuing to introduce into the environment the moisture present in the walls, with obvious damage to the healthiness of living environments and energy budget imbalances.


To meet these problems Edilsystem srl has developed the innovative Wall-System system, a definitive solution consisting in the creation of a Chemical Barrier created with a special formulation, assisted by a dehumidifying plaster, which is assigned the task of dispose of the moisture accumulated over time inside the walls.


The Chemical Barrier is made through the impregnation of a horizontal section at the base of the masonry with a special formulation introduced in a series of holes made in the wall through micro-perforated tubes connected to special bottles. In this way a waterproof screen is created which prevents the vapor tensions from rising.


The dehumidifying plaster is a macroporous premixed product that is applied after removing all the damaged plaster, for a minimum thickness of 2/4 cm, whose characteristic is to extract moisture from the wall by putting it outside in the form of vapor.

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