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Thermal Insulation, Waterproofing with Sprayed Polyurethane and Cavity Filling (Ship Controls)

The Edilsystem srl, in its continuous research of products and cutting-edge technologies applied to the construction industry, has developed afterwards, in-depth studies and experiments, the new ISOLSYSTEM system for waterproofing and thermal-acoustic insulation through use of polyurethane sprayed on site.

The modern company organization, the high technical capacity of the workers, and the high technological level of the systems, allow a quick operation without any interaction with the other work activities

Polyurethane, despite being an innovative material, has been in the everyday life of man for over 60 years, in many different, common and multiple uses (refrigerators, mattresses, sports equipment, toys, medical and health articles, as well as being used in the automotive industry ).

The high thermal conductivity value that is stable over time allows to obtain high levels of thermal insulation with significantly reduced thicknesses compared to those necessary using other insulating materials.

Polyurethane is physiologically inert, insoluble and non-metabolizable; in normal operating conditions it does not emit vapors or toxic fumes; in fact, experimental tests show that the composition of the combustion gases does not differ from that of the gases developed by natural products such as wood and paper. It can be disposed of in all authorized public landfills because it is classified as special waste similar to solid urban waste.


  • Rapidity of application performed by specialized teams in complete autonomy.

  • Excellent resistance to compression and traction

  • Unalterable over time and unaffected by microorganisms and molds

  • Resistant to acids, solvents and hydrocarbons

  • Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic (neither before nor during its life cycle)

  • Breathable and waterproof at the same time, thanks to its particular cellular structure that allows the passage of air molecules but not those of water

  • Eliminates condensation phenomena

  • It adapts to all the shapes of the laying surface and allows to eliminate the thermal bridges thanks to the spray application

  • Excellent adhesion with all materials: iron, cement, fiber cement, bricks, wood, bitumen, glass, etc ...



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